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Bird’s Eye Chiles are small in size and thin, they are in green color when unripe, sometimes they are in orange and purple color depending on the maturity.


Bird-eye chilies contain a high amount of capsaicin, due to this, it’s considered as hot chilies. Chilies are versatile food that can be used fresh and dry. It can be used in sauces, broths, sauces, and garnish the dishes.


Bullet chili peppers are small, tapered pods, they are conical, straight, to slightly curved in shape with a pointed, non – stem end. The smooth, glossy, and thin skin ripen from dark green to bright red when mature.


Thai red chilies are small in size, they belong to the hottest pepper family. These are often used as a garnish to the dishes. Depending on the variety they are generally small, conical, and slender.