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Aubergines are versatile and delicious, botanically it is a fruit but widely consumed as a vegetable. They are in deep purple color, used as savory and vegetarian dishes.


Carrots that harvested before growing to full maturity are called baby carrots, they are about 3-4 inches long. Baby carrots can be used to prepare pickles, juices and make natural food coloring.


Baby corns are a storehouse of health benefits. Rich source of Vitamin A and C. Low in calories and rich in fiber and folate, fiber helps to stimulate healthy digestion. Corns also promote healthy vision.



Courgette belongs to the same family as a cucumber and a variety of cucurbit. It’s one of the most popular vegetables in the squash family. They have firm pale flesh and pale fresh, it can be eaten raw and can be sliced.


Leeks belong vegetable family called the allium. They are related to garlic and onions and they are firm and straight with dark green leaves and white necks. Finely chopped leeks can be used in salads, add to broth and stews for extra flavoring.


Baby rainbow carrot can be used exactly as orange carrot, they have similar texture and flavor. Baby carrot can be a great addition to add crunch and color to salads, appetizers, and entrees.

Baby Savoy Cabbage averaging 11 to 16 centimeters in diameter, which consists many layers of leaves forming a round shape with ruffled edges. It has a tender, crunchy consistency and is commonly know for it’s very mild, sweet, and musky flavor.


Spinach also called Spinacia oleracea is a leafy green vegetable, it belongs to the amaranth family-related beets and quinoa. Spinach is a very healthy food that contains nutrients and antioxidants.