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Aubergines are versatile and delicious, botanically it is a fruit but widely consumed as a vegetable. They are in deep purple color, used as savory and vegetarian dishes.


Baby corns are a storehouse of health benefits. Rich source of Vitamin A and C. Low in calories and rich in fiber and folate, fiber helps to stimulate healthy digestion. Corns also promote healthy vision.



Green bananas are cherished in the raw form, we know banana has massive fan following, this fruit is a powerhouse of nutrients will full of fiber.


Beetroot ( Beta Vulgaris ) is a root vegetable also known as red beet, garden beat, table beat. Beetroot is an excellent source of essential nutrients.


Broccoli is a branched, green vegetable with either purple or more commonly green flower buds. It belongs to the cruciferous family, along with cauliflower, cabbage, and kale and it can be eaten raw or cooked.


Technically, butternut squash classified as a fruit but it is treated as a vegetable when it comes to cooking. It is quite long and oval in shape. Butternut squash type of winter squash that grows on a vine.

Red cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable of firmly packed dark red-purple leaves. It belongs to the brassica group of vegetables along with Brussels sprouts and kale, and has a peppery taste and crunch when eaten raw, and becomes sweeter and softer in texture when cooked.


Savoy cabbage has the same shape as green and red cabbage but has the most striking deep-green, crinkly leaves. Its flavor is also quite mild, but earthy too. Its leaves don’t have that same crispness to them that other cabbages do when raw, so we like it best when cooked, either roasted or sauteed.


White cabbages have firm, tightly-packed, solid heads of leaves. They are not actually white; the leaves are very pale green with patches of white around the veins, though the outer leaves tend to be darker green than the ones inside which don’t get the direct sunlight.